NB April Fool’s Campaign
NB are a small printing company, based in the North of England, who like to be playful with their marketing. For their latest campaign, they wanted to promote their speciality and vibrant colour printing capabilities to local creative agencies, pinpointing one particular day in April as the perfect time to do so.
The campaign plays on the humour often used in the workplace, especially with apprentices and interns being sent out to buy or get something that doesn’t exist. Think of picking up a left-handed screwdriver or being sent to the stock room for a long stand. On this occasion it was convincing people that tartan ink and polkadot ink actually exists. The reality is they can print any vibrant pattern you want, but they actually just wanted to show off how good their print really is.
Teasers were posted out on social media leading up to the posters arriving on agency desks, with NB’s website featuring a home page polkadot takeover for the day. This was also followed up with the 'reveal' on social media, post April Fool's Day.
Following the campaign launch, we were delighted to see the project feature on the Ads of the World website.

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