Manchester is well known for being a pivotal place for manufacturing and creation of products during the industrial revolution. Manchester City are well known for being an industrious and creative football team that produces great performances and results.
The 2019 campaign combined the history of Industrial Manchester with its hard working football team who are in charge of making all the toys and gifts for Christmas.

The starting point for the concept was to create a workshop so the players could get involved with creating, wrapping and packing of the toys and gifts. Centred around a Christmas conveyer belt we created a production line for the players to work from, with subtle graphical hints to the Hacienda inspired City Away Kit. We also wanted to combine this with a bespoke industrial typeface and cogs that were created around the Lancashire rose. We finally added in the players and watched the chaos unfold.

As part of the campaign, City TV picked up on one of our ideas of creating a ‘Generation Game’ style video using the workshop conveyor belt where the players try and remember which gifts have just passed in front of them. This formed part of the engaging online content that was rolled out on social media over the festive period. Link here.
The window dressing and instore point of sale graphics we produced fitted in perfectly with the newly redesigned City Store at the Etihad Stadium, which was created as part of the Puma sponsorship deal.

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