Toffeln really care about the feet of hard-working healthcare workers. They’ve been developing ergonomically designed and much loved footwear since 1978. Continuing their work with leading biomechanic experts at The University of Salford, they had a new stylish range of comfortable footwear to add to their extensive product line and they needed an intuitive campaign to launch their new shoes.
Reaching our clients audience without vast marketing budgets can be a challenge, but one we always relish. Toffeln’s latest campaign needed more innovative ways to capture the attention of our busy healthcare professionals, so we delivered a strategy to do just that.
Part of our campaign strategy was to introduce a memorable range name which adapted to the types of footwear (instead of individual shoe names). SmartSole worked perfectly, and as the name suggests, the focus is on the clever sole and insoles designed to relieve pain for all types of feet.
If you’re fed up of wearing ill-prepared and poorly designed footwear that leaves you with end-of-the-day fatigue, simply take two SmartSole shoes immediately for long lasting and effective foot pain relief.
The campaign centres around targeting foot pain, communicated through the graphic symbol within the SmartSole identity and a clever direct mail piece, designed to look like an oversized pack of pain relief tablets.

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