A Time For Giving
Every year, as part of their festive campaign, Manchester City like to give something back to communities and charities. This is done through their City in the Community initiative, which supports healthier lives through football.

Absolute has once again been approached by Manchester City to create a campaign with a focus on “A Time for Giving”. The club provides fans with an opportunity to help fund thousands of hours of free football, supporting the health of young people in Manchester throughout 2023.

The campaign needed to have a focus on Manchester City’s Christmas clothing items,
 as £5 will be donated to charity by the club for each item purchased.

The Idea

To achieve an eye-catching, contemporary style, we started by taking a different
approach to previous years by creating a pattern graphic and placing it at the
forefront of the campaign.

We designed a set of textured building blocks and Christmas glyphs, which feature
key city icons, when pulled together create a bold and engaging flexible wrapping paper design that can easily be built, broken down and manipulated into any application.
The pattern also incorporates the “A Time for Giving” campaign logo, which represents
 a gift icon that can be used as part of the design or on its own.

The Delivery 

Manchester City provided Absolute with photography of the players, showcasing the Christmas jumpers and gifts. The festive pattern gave everyone the flexibility to build
a bold campaign visual around the images, allowing space for key messages.
The campaign was rolled out online and in the City store, across print and through
social media channels.

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